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ITTN in South Africa Part 2 – Travel Volunteers Show up in Force

In a heartwarming display of social responsibility, ITTN’s Maria & Paul, dedicated their time to volunteering in South Africa’s impoverished regions alongside four inspiring individuals in the travel trade industry. The spotlight falls on these remarkable volunteers, each contributing to Mellon Educate’s mission of transforming lives through education and community development.

Adrian Dunne: Chief Operations Officer at Aer Lingus Adrian Dunne, with three years of volunteering under his belt, not only brings his professional acumen as the COO of Aer Lingus but also instills the values of giving back in his children with all four of Adrian’s children joining him for the 2023 blitz. For Adrian, volunteering is a means to educate the younger generation about diverse communities, fostering empathy, and leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those less fortunate.

Paula Galliard: Project Manager – IAG Airports Paula Galliard, a Project Manager at IAG Airports, believes in the power of giving back. Inspired by a profound sense of duty, she envisions expanding the impact by involving her entire team in next year’s Mellon Educate building blitz. For Paula, volunteering is not just an opportunity but a responsibility to make a tangible difference.

Brian McGettigan: CEO of Address Collective Hotel Group Brian McGettigan, CEO of Address Collective Hotel Group, finds motivation in Mellon Educate’s mission. Witnessing the transformation of schools and classrooms through hard work is a source of immense satisfaction for Brian. His commitment stems from a deep understanding of the positive ripple effect that quality education has on the lives of the children and communities served.

Siobhan Dillion: Owner and MD of Skyline Events Siobhan Dillion, Owner and MD of Skyline Events, the leading charity events organiser in the UK, took a hands-on approach to building schools for African children in dire conditions. Her involvement underscores the international collaboration needed to uplift communities and provide better opportunities for children facing extreme challenges.

A Testament to Corporate Social Responsibility These interviews not only shed light on the personal motivations of the volunteers but also underscore the broader impact of corporate social responsibility. ITTN’s support for such noble endeavors highlights the role businesses can play in fostering positive change. As we celebrate these individuals and their collective efforts, let their stories inspire others to embrace the spirit of giving and make a lasting impact on communities in need.

Paul Micheau
Paul Micheau
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