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The Big American Dream in New Jersey, a Must-Visit Retailtainment!

ITTN’s Shane Cullen and Allie Sheehan were at the New Jersey and American Dream event in the stylish Marlin Hotel in Dublin. Greg Evans (GEC TR) thanked the trade for coming out for New Jersey and American Dream.

He explained “The purpose of this evening is to introduce you all to something that is not really well known. It’s the most amazing retailtainment attraction in the Western Hemisphere.” (retailtainment means the combination of retail and entertainment – I checked). It is a colossal 300,000 sqm (3.2 million sqft) property which, for context, is almost three times the size of the Dundrum shopping centre.

Kristen Esposito & Stan Kravitz from American Dream

Kristen Esposito (Global Marketing & Brand Strategy Executive) thanked Greg Evans and Julie Greenhill for helping host the event, showcasing American Dream to the Irish travel industry.

She explained she “wanted to introduce this really amazing 3.2 million square feet of shopping, dining and attractions… I know how much you Irish love to shop so this is going to be really special for you, we are tax-free off clothing in New Jersey.”. This also includes footwear so you can shop till you drop.

Retail: Tax-Free Clothing & Footwear

Having had the benefit of visiting American Dreams last summer, it is a huge shopping centre with even a Penneys (“Primark” over the pond). It has the full spectrum of retail from Saks Fifth Avenue, Dolce & Gabbana, Tiffany & Co and Hermés Paris to Abercrombie Kids, Best Buy & Zara.

In addition, there are dozens of eateries catering for every taste & level of hunger. I’d recommend Mr Beast Burger (Mr Beast’s first burger joint is here and it was delicious).

Thrill-Seekers & Family Fun Days

There are a host of attractions with full-scale rollercoasters for every age and thrill-seeking adventurer. It is home to one of the largest water parks with a huge wave pool and even an indoor snowy ski slope – I kid you not.

What’s more, it is on the doorstep of Newark Airport (less than a 20-minute drive) and very close to Manhattan (less than 20 minutes from the Empire State Building / 15 minutes from Hudson Yards) so tag on an extra day or three, grab the tax-free bargains and spend time having fun in Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park, DreamWorks Water Park, Big Snow, Sealife, Legoland Discovery Centre, the Dream Wheel (full-scale Ferris wheel), Angry Birds Mini Golf or The Rink for ice-skating (to name a few). Furthermore, this is indoors so whether it’s snowy or very sunny, inside the temperature is just right.

Sister of Mall of America

At just three years old, American Dream is a younger sister property of Mall of America. Stan Kravitz shared, not only is it the combination of retail and entertainment, it is weather-proof. It is home to the only indoor ski slope in North America. It is an impressive 16 storeys high and open all year round. Equally, in the middle of a snowstorm, the family can head swimming in the heated wave pool.

Stan explained each attraction is done on a standalone basis in terms of admissions in terms of the water park or amusement park etc. He recommended at least four hours to enjoy either but with so many other activities and attractions, guests could easily occupy their time over 2-3 days.

Stan detailed, “We have portals with direct bookings. We have API integrations – anything to make it fast, easy and simple. The main thing is I said we’re all looking for what is new. This is new and there is nothing to compare to and location-wise… we are all looking ahead to the 2026 World Cup. That stadium where the World Cup will be played is across the street [from American Dream]. We even have a tunnel that connects you so you can walk straight up to it.”.

(the 2026 World Cup is the Men’s soccer World Cup, which I also had to check, yes, sports knowledge is still not my strong suit).

In other words, if you don’t know about American Dream, you should.

Shane Cullen
Shane Cullen
Shane Cullen has been managing director of a media production studio for nearly 20 years working on projects for a global clientele. He has worked in the travel industry for over a decade and as a travel journalist since 2015. He is passionate about travel, film & photography. He also has a keen interest in emerging technology.

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