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Conrad Dublin Launches Tea Time at Lemuel’s

Michelin Chef Eddie Benghanem from Trianon Palace, Versailles, with Pastry Chef Brizaida and Executive Chef Gary Rogers from Conrad Dublin, have launched a new ‘Tea Time’ at Lemuel’s.

Guests at the launch were treated to the new Tea Time experience, welcomed with a Lillet Rosé Spritz, a personalised poem by Conrad Resident Poet, Stephen Clare, then sampled the interactive tea station where new Tea Sommelier Shameerah Corrigan showcased how to brew the perfect cup of tea, and also gave an insight into the different flavour notes, plus which ones sooth, boost and which one to pick if you fancy a bit of indulgence.

Guests were eager to  taste the new Tea Time menu and the pastry team were at hand to present the new concepts offering a sample of three savoury and six sweet options from the new menu. Eddie, Brizaida and Gary explained the concept behind each item and answered all questions raised by inquisitive guests on the night. Guests also enjoyed a refreshing glass of Henriot Champagne and a post-departure cocktail especially created for the evening.

The Tea Time experience focuses on interaction with guests and the newly appointed Tea Sommelier, Shameerah Corrigan, as she details the origin and concept behind the savoury and sweet menu creations, each with its own unique story. Lemuel’s Tea Time menu comprises of a selection of six sweet and three savoury options, with a choice of three items per section. Differing from the typical afternoon tea service, Tea Time offers sizeable portions (think half dessert-size portions) served with Jing Tea and, of course, a little upgrade to champagne if you fancy adding some sparkle.

Taking inspiration from the 21st-century traveller who likes to know where their food comes from, Lemuel’s will lead them through this culinary journey highlighting origin and concepts. Tea Time at Lemuel’s will be highly interactive and educational, leaving guests inspired and satisfied on departure.


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