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Titanic Belfast to Display Carpathia Loving Cup

Titanic Belfast has announced that the Carpathia Loving Cup,which was presented to Captain Arthur Rostron by one of Titanic’s most famous survivors, Molly Brown, will go on display as part of the Titanic Experience.

Rostron was the captain of RMS Carpathia, the ship which came to the rescue of over 700 surviving passengers and crew the night of Titanic’s sinking. He was presented with the Loving Cup, which has been described as “one of the most iconic objects relating to the Titanic disaster”, on May 29th 1912 in recognition and appreciation of his heroic and efficient service in the rescue of the survivors.

Captain Rostron’s great granddaughter, Janet Rostron visited Titanic Belfast this week to view the reimagined exhibition and see where the artefact will be displayed.

The Carpathia Loving Cup will be free for the public to view in the atrium of Titanic Belfast from Monday 23rd October – Sunday 5th November, before it goes on display as part of the Titanic Experience.  

The Cup joins a collection of rare artefacts already within the Titanic Experience including one of only 12 remaining Titanic life jackets in the world, the original keys for the Binocular Box on RMS Titanic and the world-famous violin belonging to the ship’s hero musician, Wallace Hartley.   

Janet Rostron said: “It is a very proud moment for my family to know that the Carpathia Loving Cup, which was presented to my Great-Grandfather in recognition of his bravery and the important role he played in rescuing the survivors of the Titanic, is now on display for people around the world to view at Titanic Belfast. Our connection to Titanic is of such importance to my family and it has been wonderful to visit the experience to find out more about the story, parts of which we didn’t know until today, and view the other fascinating artefacts on display.”

Judith Owens MBE, Chief Executive of Titanic Belfast said: “We are delighted to welcome Janet to Titanic Belfast, to find out more about the heroic efforts of Captain Rostron and show her where this truly special artefact will go on display. At Titanic Belfast, we are incredibly proud to be able to be custodians of a stunning collection of historically significant artefacts, each one telling a unique story about RMS Titanic and enabling visitors from around the world to connect emotionally with the stories of the passengers and crew onboard.

“We are inviting people to view the Carpathia Loving Cup for free in the atrium of Titanic Belfast from next Monday where it will be on display for two weeks before it moves to its permanent home within the Titanic Experience.”

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Geoff Percival
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