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Travelport Developer Network Celebrates First Year

Travelport yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of its Travelport Developer Network, which enables third-party developer members to facilitate the faster introduction of innovative new applications to its 67,000 travel agency customers worldwide.

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Phil Donathy, Product Director, Travelport, said: “Travelport is adapting to the way the travel world wants to evolve – selling the way travel providers want to sell and agents want to buy. At the same time, travellers are using new technologies and platforms (smartphones, tablets, cloud, etc.) to do business. Our objective is to provide flexible access to content and services through an open platform, creating a multi-channel experience so services can be delivered on multiple devices and platforms.

“Today, Travelport has an expansive global reach – connecting hundreds of airlines, hundreds of thousands of hotels and numerous other travel providers with tens of thousands of agencies worldwide. We encourage the developer community to develop and innovate on the Travelport Universal API platform through the use of apps or otherwise enabling our core technology and data assets to be re-used in innovative ways to meet the needs of multiple niches. Harnessing the creativity of the world’s innovators is a win-win scenario for all of us.”

First Anniversary Milestones

November 2011 – 2012:

  • Sharp membership growth: over 60 independent software developers globally representing a 300% growth rate
  • Fully launched in 88 countries with plans set in place for continued growth in 2013
  • Successful monthly events programme of webinars and workshops for Developer Network partners

November 2012:

  • Fluential and Travelport to present natural speech technology for mobile travel apps
  • FlexTrip announces activities and tours application for Travelport Universal Desktop and link on Travelport Rooms and More
  • AdventureLink announces partnership, links via Travelport Universal API and Travelport Rooms and More
  • Cabforce announces partnership; development of taxi reservations application for Travelport Universal Desktop

October 2012:

  • Webinar produced by Tnooz and Travelport takes in-depth look at travel technology ecosystem and how to make open travel tech ecosystems work to your advantage. Travelport Developer Network members CarPilots and Travel Technology Solutions participate
  • Over 30 developers and executives from across the Middle East and Africa gathered in Dubai for regional launch of Travelport Universal API and Developer Network
  • Launch of Travelport Booking Feed provides access to an additional product for Developer Network members

August 2012:

  • Travelport Developer Network launches in Latin America with a developer network workshop held for nearly 50 developers in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Technology experts and Travelport clients travelled from areas as far as Mexico and Spain to attend the half-day interactive session. Attendees had an opportunity to connect with technology experts from Travelport and talk about how to take advantage of the content and capabilities the new innovative Travelport Universal API tool offers

July 2012:

  • Launch of Travelport Mobile Agent, a mobile app that enables Travelport-connected agencies to gain full access to the Galileo Desktop directly on their mobile device. Developed by Travel Technology & Solutions (TTS), the product was one of the first products to be made available globally as a result of the Travelport Developer Network. More than 7,000 downloads to date
  • Partnership with Fluential, Developer Network member, to develop mobile voice recognition application powered by natural language semantic search, dialogue understanding and voice-recognition technology. Travel content, shopping and booking capabilities provided via Travelport Universal API – the first global GDS API that aggregates GDS air, car and hotel content together with low-cost carrier, high-speed rail, merchandising and non-GDS hotel content

June 2012:

  • Pacific launch of Travelport Developer Network with a series of workshops held in Australia and New Zealand for over 50 developers, technology experts and Travelport clients

March 2012:

  • Travelport and distributor partner CEE Travel Systems hosted in Prague a regional launch of Travelport Developer Network with an event for over 30 developers and executives from the industry. CEE Travel Systems represents Travelport in 10 countries within the region and was the first distributor partner for the network

January 2012:

  • Launch of Travelport ViewTrip Mobile in UK and Ireland, in partnership with Developer Network member Manticpoint, commences global rollout in 2012

November 2011:

  • Travelport announces launch of Travelport Developer Network with 20 independent software developer members

Christopher Zando, Vice President, Partnerships and Alliances, Travelport, said: “Looking back over the last year, the Travelport Developer Network team has worked hard to grow the commercial and support framework necessary to seriously engage third party developers. Travelport’s steady stream of engagement with independent software developers worldwide underscores our commitment to work hand-in-hand with the developer community to partner on innovative solutions to offer the very best possible applications to our travel agency customers worldwide.

“The Travelport Developer Network is the perfect complement to our global product strategy and takes full advantage of the leading technology we have developed such as the Travelport Universal API and the Travelport Universal Desktop. By working more closely with talented developers and enhancing our already strong relationships, we can offer the most innovative applications.”


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