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‘The Last Tourist’ Travel Documentary Hits Irish Screens

As summer holiday season approaches, travellers are being challenged to rethink their holiday habits with the launch of the powerful new responsible travel documentary on streaming services across Ireland.

Pulling back the curtain on the travel and tourism industry, The Last Tourist, addresses the impact of mass tourism on local communities, wildlife and the environment, and is available to watch on platforms including Apple TV, Amazon, Sky, Vubiquity and Rakuten. 

Having already earned a number of awards globally, The Last Tourist brings together a number of first-hand stories to highlight the often well-intentioned, but harmful, practises many tourism experiences support. 

“The Last Tourist demonstrates what a dire state the industry was in pre-pandemic and as travellers book their summer holidays it offers tangible ways they can have a positive impact while they are away,” said Bruce Poon Tip, executive producer and founder of community tourism pioneer and adventure operator, G Adventures. 

“Ultimately, The Last Tourist documentary is a message of hope. The travel industry has the power to be truly transformational and the main takeaway is the realisation that travel is a privilege, not a right. Only a tiny percentage of the world’s population have the privilege to travel and with that privilege comes responsibility. We all have the power to drive change through the choices we make and where we choose to spend our money. The travel industry caters to demand and if the demand from travellers shifts towards more conscious and responsible experiences then the industry will respond. 

“We don’t bring anything to viewers that they didn’t already know – we all know elephants shouldn’t kick balls and monkeys aren’t meant to ride bikes. When we are confronted with the images of these practices, it forces people to stop and to really think about what happens behind the scenes to make these scenes possible,” said Mr Poon Tip

Directed and written by Tyson Sadler, the feature-length documentary includes expert insights from leading travel and tourism visionaries including Dr. Jane Goodall (Jane Goodall Institute, United Nations Messenger of Peace), Lek Chailert (Save Elephant Foundation), Gary Knell (National Geographic), Meenu Vadera (Sakha Cabs For Women) and Melissa Matlow (World Animal Protection). 

Amassing more than 400 hours of footage during filming across 16 countries, The Last Tourist empowers audiences with the knowledge and inspiration to make a positive impact – and to fundamentally change the way they travel – by examining the history of modern tourism and revealing its consequences. The documentary explores alarming issues such as animals suffering for entertainment, orphaned children exploited for profit, and developing economies strained under the weight of foreign-owned hotel chains. 

Rated the number two documentary on Apple TV in Canada when it launched last year, The Last Tourist is now available on Amazon and Apple TV, Sky, Vubiquity, Google, Microsoft and Rakuten. It is also currently playing on Delta Airlines and Emirates Airlines.

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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