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Polish Tourism Organisation Appoints New UK and Ireland Director

The Polish Tourism Organisation has appointed Iwona Białobrzycka, former Country Manager for Amadeus, as the new UK and Ireland Director based in London. The appointment comes ahead of a year of authentic tourism offerings that focus on active tourism, heritage and under the radar cities in 2019, a year in which a new digital strategy will expand the country’s reach across global markets.

Iwona, who has a strong background in the tech sector, will oversee the UK and Ireland outbound market to Poland. Among her biggest achievements, Białobrzycka established a strong online presence for Amadeus, launching a number of groundbreaking digital initiatives. These include introducing Amadeus Web Services technology to the first private online portal in Poland and introducing Billback technology to Poland leading to eTravel taking the top position within Accor hotel portals in the world.

The position will be supported by a new Deputy Director, former Head of Marketing and PR for Apsys Group, Dorota Wojciechowska, who will bring her industry experience and implementing comprehensive strategies internationally.

Iwona Białobrzycka’s core strategy will create new opportunities and innovative tourism offerings for PTO to showcase the country’s critically acclaimed gastronomy, active getaways and breathtaking landscapes. Well connected, Iwona has had successful negotiations with eSKY, WECO, LCO Polska, Fly Away, Travelbank, Primapol and Grupa Licencje. She also convinced LOT Airlines to support Amadeus in the Polish market, assisting them to become a user and bringing 123 travel agents to Amadeus. She hopes to build Poland’s reputation as one of Europe’s most up and coming destinations. This new direction for PTO will include implementing a series of data-driven marketing measures, along with increasing trade and business connections to Poland.

Iwona will utilise her digital experience to promote Poland, allowing PTO to create precisely targeted and highly effective online campaigns. She has carried out a host of outstanding marketing initiatives in her previous role. These include regular workshops and webinars, introducing the concept of joint sponsoring with partners, promoting Amadeus in 40 schools all over Poland, running training for EU funds leading to additional sources of revenue and excellent relationships with customers.

Further marketing opportunities will come from collaborating with one of London’s most respected media and communications agencies AM+A Marketing and Media Relations, who integrate creative, digital PR techniques and an ethically minded focus.

“The new position brings new responsibilities,” said Iwona. “I have the opportunity to participate in the ever-changing business environment, to meet fantastic, entrepreneurial people and be a part of important changes in the travel and tourism industry. The key objective is to convince British and Irish people to come to Poland on a larger scale than ever before. We are inviting them to enjoy innovative gastronomy, breathtaking natural landscapes and authentic experiences.”


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