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ITTN Talks to Astronaut José Hernandez at American Holidays HQ

Astronaut José Hernandez visited American Holidays HQ, in Dublin on Thursday to discuss his experiences in space and promote the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, as a holiday destination.

Mr Hernandez, a former migrant farmworker turned NASA astronaut, shared insights into his remarkable journey.

Mr Hernandez, who joined Space Shuttle Discovery for the STS-128 mission in 2009, didn’t learn English until age 12 and overcame significant odds to pursue higher education in electrical engineering.

Despite facing rejection multiple times, he persisted and eventually joined NASA, fulfilling his childhood dream inspired by Franklin Chang-Diaz, the first Hispanic-American in space.

During his mission, Mr Hernandez made history by becoming the first person to tweet in Spanish from space. His inspiring story is documented in his book “Reaching for the Stars” and the Amazon movie “A Million Miles Away.”

Beyond his achievements in space, Mr Hernandez is also a vintner, owning “Tierra Luna Cellars” in California, reflecting his enduring fascination with space and Earth.

Kennedy Space Center, where over 100 launches are scheduled this year, offers visitors a glimpse into the future of space exploration. With its robust partnerships and cutting-edge research facilities, it stands as a beacon of innovation in space technology.

Mr Hernandez’s visit underscores the exciting opportunities awaiting travellers at Kennedy Space Center, where the wonders of space converge with the beauty of our home planet.

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Paul Micheau
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