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Florida Keys: Playa Largo Resort & Spa in Key Largo

It has been said that once you visit the Florida Keys you will come back to Key Largo. Movie fans will recall the John Huston movie, Key Largo, starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Edward G. Robinson, which generated much tourist publicity for the island resort.

Key Largo continues to honour Bogart, the man the American Film Institute named ‘America’s greatest male screen legend’, with an annual Humphrey Bogart Film Festival that is held each October.

Now the festival has a new sponsor for 2015, the Playa Largo Resort & Spa, currently under construction at a cost of $75 million and due to open the doors of its 178 rooms and suites in December 2015. The new property will also be the venue for the 2016 Film Festival.

The Playa Largo Resort & Spa is part of the Autograph Collection and can be booked on Marriott.com and will be a 5-star property. (The picture above is an artist’s rendering.)


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