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FCM Announces Senior Leadership Appointments

FCM, the leading corporate travel division of Flight Centre Travel Group, has made some senior leadership appointments within its European network.

These changes are aimed at fortifying support for the burgeoning business travel sector across diverse markets.

Franziskus Bumm, a distinguished industry expert, assumes the pivotal position of FCM European Network Leader, while Andrew Boxall steps into the role of Country Manager for Germany on an interim basis.

Marcus Eklund, FCM Global Managing Director, said: “With our rapid global expansion and the evolving landscape of our clientele, it’s imperative that our operational framework adapts and that we bolster cross-country collaboration.

“In his new capacity, Franziskus will concentrate on fortifying the European partner network and spearheading global initiatives for the partner network, ensuring enhanced collaboration, heightened consistency, and an exceptional experience for our valued customers.”

Assuming the interim role of Country Manager for Germany is Andrew Boxall, a seasoned luminary within the Flight Centre Travel Group.

Mr Boxall’s illustrious track record within FCM, coupled with his profound industry insights, uniquely position him to steer the brand’s growth trajectory in the German market.

With the backing of the senior leadership team based in Berlin, Mr Boxall is poised to ensure a seamless transition and to propel FCM’s expansion in Germany.

Mr Bumm said: “We have the potential to revolutionise communication and introduce a new operational paradigm with heightened integration across network countries, deployment, support, and training, all underpinned by our innovative proprietary technology.”

Mr Boxall said: “It’s an honour for me to continue the mission of growing our business in Germany, drawing upon my experience in leading multiple departments within the Flight Centre Travel Group, and extending our services and offerings to an even broader customer base.”

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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