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European Air Traffic Controllers Call Off Thursday Strike

The ATCEUC, the air traffic controllers union in Europe, has called off a strike planned for this Thursday, 10th October, after the European Commission signalled its willingness to renegotiate plans to liberalise civil airspace. ATCEUC Logo

The union has said it opposed the commission’s plans to set “unrealistic” targets for air traffic management by 2019 because the goals seek a tenfold increase in flight safety while cutting costs by 50%.

The ATCEUC, which represents more than 14,000 air traffic controllers from 26 European countries, said in a statement on Friday that it would renew its plans for industrial action if talks failed to address its concerns. “ATCEUC will not be satisfied just with signs of good will and nice words. We expect clear outcomes and results,” it said.

Tony Tyler, Director General and Chief Executive of IATA, had warned transport ministers that the stoppage would cost airlines nearly £230 million if it went ahead. He and others in the industry urged ministers across Europe to intervene in the dispute.


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