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Donabate Travel Joins Worldchoice Ireland

David O’Hagan, Managing Director of Donabate Travel, has signed with Worldchoice Ireland. “I have known Don for most of my time in the industry and his changes in Worldchoice, bringing technology and real trade partner connectivity to members, was a deciding factor for my business. The commercial offering and agent member rebate system is also really attractive, which will enhance my bottom line and bring new partnerships and business opportunities. Worldchoice has already started working on my new website and instore branding, which will give my business a new look and feel moving forward.”

David O’Hagan, Managing Director, Donabate Travel
David O’Hagan, Managing Director, Donabate Travel

With the addition of Donabate Travel to Worldchoice Ireland the membership base moves to 54, following some consolidation in Ireland with branch movement and the retirement of Peter McGinnity in Cavan.

“We are looking at membership expansion in some key geographical areas as we continue our development of our groundbreaking communication hub, members’ web development and all new Worldchoice Bedbank – which goes live next week,” said Don Shearer, Chief Executive, Worldchoice Ireland. “I am currently distributing members’ overrides, which have increased year-on-year by an average of 40%! – with some members reaping the benefits of new commercial terms recording rebate increases of over 200% year-on-year.”


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