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Delta to Refund Taxes Paid for Travel During FAA Shutdown

Delta Air Lines has announced that it will process tax refunds for customers travelling during the suspension of non-essential services of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Funding for the FAA expired on 23 July. At that time, Delta stopped collecting several taxes imposed on ticket sales, including a 7.5% tax on the base ticket price, a $3.70 segment tax and facilities taxes on international travel and travel to and from Alaska and Hawaii.

The US Internal Revenue Service has advised that travellers who paid for tickets on or before 22 July 2011, for travel beginning on or after 23 July and prior to the reinstatement of FAA funding, may be entitled to a refund of those taxes. Delta is awaiting guidelines from the IRS on the process of providing refunds. However, in order to streamline the process, the airline will process refunds directly for customers once an agreement is reached with the IRS on the procedure for doing so.


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