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Celebrity Offers Inside Access

Celebrity Cruises is now offering guests an inside look into cruise ship operations. A new addition to the Celebrity Life onboard activities programme, ‘Celebrity Inside Access’ invites guests to join two activities, the ‘See How It’s Done Tour’ and the ‘Bridge Sail Away Experience’. The programme is offered on all ships and is available for purchase onboard.

The three-hour See How It’s Done Tour guides a small group of guests through non-public areas of the ship, including the bridge, mooring deck, crew gym, theatre, engine control room, prep rooms and the main dining room galley. At each area of the tour, guests have the opportunity to interact with expert members of the Celebrity crew. Each tour is followed by a savoury wine-paired lunch hosted by an officer in the main dining room.

The Bridge Sail Away Experience begins 30 minutes before and concludes 30 minutes after departing. Guests are given a tour and an overview of the bridge conducted by a senior Celebrity bridge officer. Guests also have the opportunity to meet and take photos with the ship’s captain.

“Celebrity has dedicated itself to providing guests with the finest in culinary experiences, award-winning service and engaging onboard activities,” said Simon Weir, Director of Hotel Operations, Celebrity Cruises. “Now, with the addition of Celebrity Inside Access, vacationers can also satisfy their curiosity and gain rare, behind-the-scenes insight into a Celebrity ship’s inner workings.”


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