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CAR Invites Comments on Future Format for Regulatory Accounts Proposals

In November 2011, the Commission for Aviation Regulation commenced a review of the format of regulatory accounts that the Irish Aviation Authority and Dublin Airport Authority prepare. The CAR indicated in April 2011 that it intended to review the format, and would advise parties of any planned changes in advance of implementation. The Commission has now published its proposals, which represent a change for both the IAA and the DAA, and invites parties to comment on them by 30th November 2011.

Commission for Aviation Regulation

In the case of the DAA, the proposed changes mean that future regulatory accounts will include additional information. For the IAA, the CAR proposes ending the requirement that it provides regulatory accounts, subject to the IAA providing the more detailed information about terminal costs currently required under the Single European Skies charging regulations.

After considering any responses, the CAR hopes to be able to advise the DAA and IAA of the required format of any regulatory accounts in time for the changes to apply with immediate effect (i.e. results for year end 31st December 2011 will be presented in the new format if a change is made).


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