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Airbnb adds extra insurance cover and accessibility features for 2022

Airbnb has announced it will add at least 50 updates to service in its 2022 plans.

Some of the changes include added insurance cover, improved translation services and an accessibility feature.

You can check out the full list of services here.

Insurance cover

The newly introduced AirCover is top-to-bottom insurance protection for Hosts. It includes $1m liability insurance, $1m Experiences insurance, and $1m Host damage protection, with new coverage for pet damage, deep cleaning. This ensures hosts are protected from all kinds of situations, no matter the damage.

Translation services

Accessibility feature

Verify Wi-Fi speed

Translation services

You no longer need to tap a translate button to read content in your language. The new “Translation Engine” automatically translates listings and reviews into your preferred language.

Accessibility feature

To make homes more accessible for the disability community, Airbnb has introduced Accessibility Review. If you or someone you’re travelling with uses a wheelchair, you’re looking for a place that doesn’t have steps. There is now an “accessibility features” button, where guests can search for specific features in their accommodation. Guests can also review the features after their stay and make suggestions on how hosts can improve.

Verify Wi-Fi speed

As people continue to work from home (or even on holiday), they will need a stable, fast internet connection to send and receive emails. A tool to verify WiFi speeds is now available on the app, so guests can be sure the wifi in a listing meets their needs.


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