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360 – An Extraordinary Experience Onboard Enchanted Princess

My very first cruise was with Rebecca Kelly many moons ago and she hasn’t changed an iota. She looks after everyone with her great sense of humour and matter-of-fact attitude. Every detail is sorted in the background and she wants you to enjoy yourself, to relax and really experience the offering. Also, when she says you’re going to enjoy something, you’re not going to argue with her (I wouldn’t anyway – she always has your best interest at heart). So I was set to visit the 360: An Extraordinary Experience, a restaurant with a blind set menu and wine pairing for an immersive dining adventure.

360: An Extraordinary Experience

Currently the 360: An Extraordinary Experience is offered by way of invite-only to Suite Guests onboard the Enchanted Princess and Discovery Princess. It is an immersive, destination-inspired seven-course indulgence pared with drinks, adventures and surprises along the way.

Rebecca said to watch this space as this will be available to passengers for US$149 (per person) in the very near future.

The Build-Up

It is described as an experience to “Surprise your taste buds with a fusion of master storytelling, world-class cuisine and visual entertainment”. It is a gastronomic event to taste, hear, smell and feel the essence of each course, its origins and story. The evening journeys through sights, sounds, textures, and scents of the Mediterranean.

Speaking to Rebecca, she explained: “360 is something that has never been seen before. It’s a very unique experience. It’s so incredible. As I said, it’s an immersive experience, the food, the wine, the champagne, everything. Even the entry that we’re going to go through tonight is just absolutely incredible. It’s nothing like anything on land or anything at sea that’s ever been experienced before. So I am so excited for you to try it!”

The Entrance

Initially, each guest has their photo taken and is served a chilled tailor-made 360 cocktail. Two expert violinists perform for the select few who will be dining in this restaurant. They lead the small group to doors that open up to a circular room. Their musical rendition is matched with the background music in the dining room with each guest sitting around the room with a clear view of the walls which are lined with screens across the full circumference of the room.

The Experience

Each course is matched with a visual story that elevates the experience. Brooke Shields narrates the story with farmers, fishermen and foragers sharing their livelihoods along the way. Video imagery is projected onto the walls and tables immersing the diner in each course.

The journey travels from Greece with stunning shots of Santorini’s iconic white buildings & blue roofs as diners sample a mezze plate with locally sourced olives and breads followed by a grilled octopus dish. The journey moves from the Greek Isles to the Amalfi Coast with guests served fresh pasta. A waft of fresh citrus fills the room matching the lemon sauce served alongside the dish.

Descending to the underwater seabed, the culinary delights continue with wine aged in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. We surface on the Spanish coast and sample local prawns, truffles and a charcuterie plate with Spanish meats.

Finally, we head to the French shores for dessert with lavender and honey inspiring the final course.

The Verdict

Champagne serves as a toast to the table and staff and concludes a truly unique experience which was an exceptional & unforgettable dining delight.

The photographs from the start of the night are projected around the room, perfectly framed to capture the event. A fitting end to a flawless evening.

Up to now, this was only a VIP experience where guests had to be invited. Beginning Oct 14, any guest sailing on Discovery Princess or Enchanted Princess – regardless of cabin type – will be able to book  360: An Extraordinary Experience for $149 per person. To book the experience, guests can visit Guest Services onboard – similar to the way the Caymus Winemaker Dinner and Chef’s Table are booked – and will be added to the list based on availability. Guests booked in suites will still be invited to the 360 Experience at no charge.

Enchanted Princess Mediterranean Cruise

Onboard alongside ITTN’s Shane Cullen are Carolanne O’Neill, (Worldchoice Travel) Emma McHugh (Atlantic Travel), Nicola Browne (Travel Counsellors Ireland), Michelle McManus (Best4Travel), Darren Hutchinson (Strand Travel Worldchoice), Jill Brown (Hays Travel), Elaine O’Hagan (Newbridge Travel) with Rebecca Kelly (Princess Cruises) hosting the fam.

The group is onboard Enchanted Princess sailing a 7-night cruise in the Mediterranean having boarded in Civitavecchia-Rome and visiting Naples, Crete, Kusadasi, Istanbul and Mykonos before disembarking in Athens.

Shane Cullen
Shane Cullen
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