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Travel Tip Tuesday with Mars Ireland

Key tips for travelling with your dog in the summer

Summer holidays and soaring temperatures are fast approaching, and Mars Ireland wants to help dog-owners – new and old – to travel safely with their pets in the summer months. Keep the following expert tips and advice in mind and you can keep your four-legged friend cool and comfortable on the go!

Katrine Grytter, Corporate Affairs Director, Mars Multisales North Europe says: “Whether you’re holidaying in the city or on the coast, our goal is for pets to enjoy the summer holidays just as much as their owners.  The sunny and warm summer days are lovely, but can pose some challenges for our four-legged friends. A few important tips include protecting your dog from extreme heat, never leaving your dog in the car alone and making sure your dog is on a leash near hot barbecues or outdoor grills.”

From hydration hacks to staying sun-smart, our vet-approved tips will ensure that both you and your dog can enjoy summer trips without breaking a sweat.

Dog guide for the summer

  1. Ensure hydration and shade. Make sure your dog has fresh water to drink. Be sun-smart and stay in the shade – this applies to both humans and animals! This helps avoid your dog overheating and suffering a heat stroke.
  2. Avoid hot pavement. Paved streets can get really hot in summer, and may burn your pet’s paws. Try to walk your dog on the grass or go out for walks when the temperature is cooler.
  3. Protect your dog against insect bites. Use insect repellent to protect your dog against insects and tics. Check your dog for tics regularly, and remove them as soon as you spot them.
  4. Don’t leave your dog alone in the car. Never leave your dog in the car alone in summer – even with windows open. The inside temperature of a car can rise quickly which can lead to a heat stroke even death.
  5. Exercise and activities. You should always make sure your dog gets enough exercise, but in the summer make sure to avoid the hottest times of the day. Mornings and evenings are best for walks and play.
  6. Cooling off. In case it gets really warm, make sure your dog can cool off by paddling in a pool or a lake – or give your dog a shower in the garden with a garden hose. If you take your dog to the beach or lakeside, take care not to let your dog access waters affected with algal bloom. In certain cases, algal blooms and related scums can be harmful to dogs and other animals. Even small amounts can make your dog really sick. Also, consider placing some ice packs under a blanket in their bed so they can cool off inside.
  7. Protect your dog from sunburn. Yes, even dogs can get sunburn. Take care to protect sensitive areas such as the nose and ears. The best way is to avoid exposure to strong, direct sunlight.
  8. Keep an eye on your pet outdoors. Summer is for picnics and BBQs, but keep watch over your dog around them – some food items can be harmful or even lethal to your dog, and hot BBQs can cause burns.
  9. Stay vigilant. Keep an extra eye on your dog in the summer, especially if your pet seems tired or shows signs of heat stress. Contact your vet if needed.
  10. Plan your travels. If you’re planning to take your dog abroad, make sure the dog has all the necessary vaccinations. Research your mode of transport and destination to ensure you know all the rules and regulations that apply to dogs.

Extra tip: Look for pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and cafes when travelling with your dog. CESAR®, part of the Mars family of brands, has partnered with TripAdvisor to introduce a new category in the annual Travellers’ Choice Hotel Awards. Best Pet-Friendly Hotels reflect consumer demand and recent travel trends, and award hotels where furry friends are given the same attention and care as their owners. See the world’s top 25 Best of the Best Pet-Friendly Hotels here.

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Emer Roche
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