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Tourism New Zealand Campaign Mocks Social Influencers

Tourism New Zealand’s latest campaign video takes a tongue-in-cheek swipe at social media influencers by asking people to stop copying photos at popular spots and find new places to enjoy.

The funny video, called “Travelling Under the Social Influence,” shows comedian Tom Sainsbury as a member of the Social Observation Squad, patrolling the country’s top tourist spots for people taking cliché photos.

“I’ve been alerted to a situation that’s been happening a lot lately,” Sainsbury says in the video. “People have been seeing those photos on social media and are going to great lengths to copy them.”

“I’ve seen all this before. We all have,” he tells them. “This summer we’re clamping down on anyone traveling under the social influence.”

He then lists some classic influencer shots: “You know them. Hot tub back shot. Man sits quietly on the rock contemplating. Hot dog legs.”

The new call-to-action is part of New Zealand’s long-running “Do Something New” campaign, which is aimed at inspiring more domestic tourism and rediscovering “our backyard with new eyes” while international visitors are restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The video is well-timed, at least in this part of the world: some UK influencers have been criticised for taking unnecessary trips under the guise of ‘essential work.’  This week, fitness blogger Sheridan Mordew was heavily criticised following her appearance on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ programme, where she defended her presence in Dubai as an ‘essential work trip.’


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