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Pittsburgh International Airport Turns Food Waste Into Fertiliser

Pittsburgh International Airport collaborates with Pittsburgh-based Ecotone Renewables, a Zero Emissions Upcycling System that turns food waste into carbon-negative fertiliser, in an effort to lessen its carbon footprint.

Through a recent cooperation with Pittsburgh-based Ecotone Renewables, Pittsburgh International Airport is aggressively working to reduce aviation-related emissions. One of the company’s digesters has been placed outside the landside terminal and given the name ZEUS, which refers to Zero Emissions Upcycling System, as part of the airport’s xBridge innovation program. ZEUS, which was introduced in 2020, fits in well with the program at PIT that has a track record of collaborating with both established and emerging technology businesses to build tech solutions for the aviation and other industries.

“Food waste is bad for business,” said Dylan Lew, CEO and co-founder of Ecotone. “I think we’ve created an amazing solution for our customers because we not only reduce waste odours and greenhouse gas emissions, but when it comes down to the bottom line, we reduce costs.”

Over 200 kg of food waste are dropped into the container each week by workers at the Dunkin’ concession on the ground using a chute on the outside of the container. Coffee grounds left over provide rich nutrients for fertilizer, and sugary leftovers like muffins and doughnuts provide great food for the bacteria and microorganisms necessary for digestion. The trash is then crushed up, combined with rainwater gathered from the roof, and put into the system. After three weeks, 50 gallons of fertiliser rich in nutrients are produced and prepared for sale. Remaining biogas is cleaned and utilized to power the system.

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