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Golf Lessons with the Latest in Radar Technology

Golf Club Alcanada in Alcudia, Spain, has put in place one of the world’s most modern training methods, the radar-assisted swing analysis system ‘FlightScope’. Previously, as a player you had to rely on your personal awareness, the eye of your pro and in best case on video recordings – but what exactly happens at impact, the human eye and even video recording can capture only with limits. Golf Club Alcanada FlightScope

Through the integration of the radar system FlightScope into the golf lessons you and your pro are given information on what happens in the crucial phase of the swing and at impact. Starting with the momentum, the hitting angle of the club, open or closed clubface, departure angle of the ball with height and direction of spin of the ball, and finally the exact length of each stroke.

Flight Scope documents any changes in your swing and the accuracy of the contact. From this information you and your pro will know whether the corrections you have undergone lead to an optimisation of the ball’s flight.

Information and reservations about the new system from Golf Club Alcanada’s head pro Peter Dost, phone 971-54 95 60 or www.dostgolf.com


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