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Finnair Cargo Moves Towards Fully Self-Sustainable Energy Production

Finnair Cargo is making a move towards fully self-sustainable energy production, as the airline gears up to celebrate its centenary next week.

Throughout summer and autumn, Finnair Cargo has installed an additional 1,790 solar panels to the roof of its COOL Nordic Cargo Hub at Helsinki Airport, joining 1,200 panels installed when the terminal was originally constructed.

As a result of the upgrade, over a third (37%) of Finnair Cargo’s annual electricity consumption within the COOL Nordic Cargo Hub will be provided by these solar panels.

On a sunny day, this rises to 100%, with the COOL terminal becoming self-sufficient in terms of electricity production, with the excess production being fed to Finnair’s other airport facilities.

Gabriela Hiitola, SVP Finnair Cargo, said: “With this addition, the COOL Nordic Cargo Hub will be the third largest solar panel energy production unit in Finland. At the maximum level, the solar power station can produce over 1,1 MW peaks, more than tripling our production.

“It is clear that the aviation industry is still waiting for those big solutions to reduce flight emissions. However, in the meantime we keep on working towards more sustainable operations in all areas”.

The Nordic airline is also installing 645 solar panels on the roof of its aircraft maintenance hangar in Helsinki, as the airline continues to invest in sustainable solutions.

Finnair’s COOL Cargo terminal, opened in 2018, was designed with sustainability principles in mind. In addition to the solar panels providing part of the energy needed for the terminal’s operations, both operational efficiency and waste management have been carefully planned.  

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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