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Enjoy a Bird’s-Eye View of Salou

Salou is a unique destination. Now, with the Costa Daurada Water Sports Centre, you can look at it from a different perspective, thanks to a spectacular activity that will leave you breathless: parasailing.

What is parasailing all about? It is a parachute pulled, from sea level, by a powerboat that will allow you to enjoy views… from up to 50 metres high! Up to three people, supervised by an expert, will enjoy this 20-minute activity that will allow for some pretty amazing views of Salou and Costa Daurada like you have never seen before. All you need is to be willing to have fun, bring your swimsuit and be over 16.

Are you ready for a ‘high-level’ adventure? Think no more, we’ll see you in Salou!

Journey Onboard a Catamaran

It’s a sunny day and we can feel the smell of the sea air, a smell that will be with us for most of the day. The light breeze makes us feel at home, as the summer gets closer and closer. Despite this, most of us are very aware of the upcoming activity and we choose to wear some kind of cap and plenty of sun cream. We are really looking forward to it, especially the children, who are unable to disguise their excitement. Everyone, adults and children, are willing to fall in love with Salou’s coastline onboard one of the spectacular catamarans of Creuers Costa Daurada.

This company has three catamarans: the Ocean Fly, which can accommodate up to 104 passengers; the Dorimar – up to 150; and the Dorimar II, with up to 250 passengers. Today, we’ll take the Ocean Fly, a true jewel in both its services and performance. This catamaran glides beautifully along over the quiet waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The speed is low but constant, which makes the whole experience incredibly pleasant.


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