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CLIA Report Identifies Seven Major Trends for Cruising in 2020

A new report by the Cruise Lines International Association, ‘2020 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook’, identifies seven major trends for cruising in 2020 – a year in which the industry expects to welcome 32 million guests.

Kelly Craighead, President and Chief Executive, CLIA, said: “More than 30 million guests are expected to sail this year and 32 million are expected to cruise in 2020. Our members have committed over $22 billion in new, energy-efficient ships and technologies to minimise our environmental impact and make progress towards our goal of reducing the rate of carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 as compared to 2008.”

There are expected to be 278 CLIA ocean cruise line ships operating in 2020, including 19 new ships, while 82% of cruisers are likely to book a cruise as their next vacation.

The seven major trends are:

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: The development and identification of new technologies and cleaner fuels is a top priority for the cruise industry, which continues to make substantial investments in reducing its environmental impact.

DESTINATION STEWARDSHIP: In collaboration with local communities, the cruise industry is exploring new and creative ways to manage the flow of visitors and implement the highest standards of responsible tourism.

CRUISE AND STAY: 65% of cruise passengers spend a few extra days at embarkation or debarkation ports.

PLASTIC-FREE PASSENGERS: More than eight out of 10 cruise passengers recycle (82%) and reduce using single-use plastics (80%) while traveling. Seven out of 10 cruisers forego plastic straws.

GENERATION CRUISE POSITIVE: More than 66% of Generation X and 71% of Millennials have a more positive attitude about cruising compared to two years ago.

LONE CRUISERS: Cruise lines are responding to a shift in passenger demographics by offering studio cabins, single-friendly activities, solo-lounges, and eliminating single supplements.

MICRO TRAVEL: Many cruise lines offer bite-sized cruises over a three-to-five-day period offering incredible itineraries and travel to exciting destinations.


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