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CAR Publishes Issues Paper on Dublin Airport Charges

The Commission for Aviation Regulation has published its Issues Paper on airport charges at Dublin airport for the next regulatory period from 1st January 2015 onwards. The deadline for receipt of responses is Friday 27th September 2013. 

This paper begins the process leading to the making of the next Determination setting a cap on the level of charges that the DAA can levy. All interested parties are invited to respond to this report, setting out issues that they would like the Commission to consider and suggesting approaches and data that the Commission might use.

Introducing the Issues Paper, the CAR states: “A new Determination governing airport charges at Dublin Airport is due by end 2014. This paper begins the process leading to the making of that Determination. The current price cap expires at the end of 2014.

“We are making a Determination that will affect what the DAA can charge at Dublin Airport for taking-off, landing and parking aircraft; the use of air bridges; arriving and departing passengers; and the transportation of cargo.

“We are seeking comments from parties on how we should proceed to make that Determination. This will not be the final opportunity for interested parties to comment prior to the Determination. Nevertheless we encourage parties to respond to this paper, since our willingness and ability to act on suggestions will diminish over time. We will be reluctant to adopt significant changes without having had time to understand their implications fully and affording all interested parties an opportunity to comment.”


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