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CAR Invites Submissions on Consultation Paper on Passenger Engagement

The Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) is considering how best the views of passengers can be taken into account when it makes decisions that affect them. The CAR publishes consultation papers but receives few responses from passengers. Dublin Airport and airlines conduct their own research, but it is not clear how this research is used to support submissions they make to the Commission.

As part of this process, the Commission has published its decision CP15/2017 on the selected options to improve passenger representation in its regulatory decision making for Dublin Airport. The Commission has decided to put in place a process that more clearly shows how the Commission, Dublin Airport and airlines take into account the interests of passengers. It has decided to set out draft guidelines and incentives for passenger engagement by Dublin Airport, airlines and other stakeholders, and an ad hoc advisory panel set up by the Commission.

Alongside this Decision, the Commission has published consultation paper CP16/2017. It proposes to issue guidelines about how to better take account of passenger interests. The draft guidelines include principles of good passenger engagement, criteria to assess the quality of passenger engagement and a process of collaboration between stakeholders. The CAR proposes to increase the likelihood of acceptance of projects where stakeholders can show their submission clearly demonstrates they have taken account of passenger interests. In any case, the cost efficiency of the allowance for the project will be assessed separately.

The CAR proposes to provide future passenger-focused consultation papers in a more accessible format. It also proposes to set up a passenger advisory group that will meet from time to time to tell us their views about submissions made by the airport or airlines and its own consultation papers. This group will improve the CAR’s understanding of what passengers require and the Commission will plan to include a balanced and diverse membership that reflects the diversity of passengers at Dublin Airport.

The group can give advice on topics such as:
(a) Identifying the priorities of passengers
(b) Assessing the passengers’ experience
(c) Identifying what quality of service targets should be in place
(d) Looking at the need for certain projects

The Commission invites stakeholders to make submissions on its proposals in CP16/2017 by 5pm on Friday 26th January 2018.


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