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One-Third of Germans ‘Don’t Care’ About Sustainability When Travelling, Survey Suggests; True Picture is More Positive

A third of German tourists – one of the biggest international cohorts in global travel – “don’t care” about sustainability when considering their overseas holidays, a new survey has claimed.

The Booking.com research found that more than 30% of Germans said they were tired of being told about climate change, while sustainability is not the main concern when booking a trip; and nearly 30% of them feel climate change isn’t as serious as made out.

More than a quarter feel, according to the survey, that whatever travel choice they make won’t make a difference as climate damage, by travel, is already irreversible; with a large number feeling.

However, when you dig down, the survey shows that German holidaymakers are actually among the most climate aware cohort of international travellers out there.

The survey also suggests 80% of Germans feel sustainable travel is important to them.

Most of the survey painted a very positive picture of German tourists – with around 60% of them still wanting to travel more sustainably in the next 12 months. However, the survey authors were less sure whether this is because they believe it’s the right thing to do or they feel guilty about making less sustainable choices.

Additionally, 50% of travellers are inspired by sustainable measures on their journeys to act more sustainably in their everyday lives.

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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