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Emirates Marks World Pilots’ Day by Expanding Roles and Improving Salaries, Benefits and Eligibility Criteria

Emirates has, effectively, put its money where its mouth is by marking World Pilots’ Day by announcing a raft of working condition improvements for its pilots – including expanded roles, salaries, eligibility criteria and benefits.

Emirates is welcoming First Officers who are non-type rated – which essentially means those who have experience only on turbo prop or jets. These pilots will now have the opportunity to be fully trained to fly the airline’s all wide-body fleet of 144 Boeing aircraft across its network that spans more than 140 destinations.

Emirates has now extended its Accelerated Command Programme (ACP) to its fleet of Boeing 777s – which so far was reserved for its ever-popular A380. This is an incredible opportunity for motivated captains flying narrow-body aircraft to graduate to wide-body on Emirates’ fast track promotion programme.

Emirates is offering enhanced salary packages for First Officers with experience of over 4,000 flying hours on modern Airbus fly-by-wire or Boeing aircraft.

As Emirates continues along its massive growth trajectory and prepares to start taking delivery of its 65 A350s on order from mid-year and its mix of 205 777-9s and 777-8s in 2025, the airline is revving up its pilot recruitment drive. In 2024, Emirates’ recruitment team will host roadshows in more than 26 cities in over 18 countries.

The changes to eligibility criteria and salary packages represent a step forward in its commitment to attracting the best talent globally and ensuring a perfect customer experience on every single journey.

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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