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The Holistic Retreat Which Addresses Several Areas at Once

Covid-19 stressors in recent years have done nothing to help the rise of burnout in many people. Trying to strike any kind of work/life balance when school and offices merged into one space was close to impossible.

Finding time to realign and address issues that may exist in your life- whether in your career, your home or in your self-care, can be difficult to harness.

Damian Hall from Complete Transformation Retreats in Dalkey, runs holistic retreats in Lanzarote which cover a multitude of areas; from health and fitness to mindset. This is not something whimsical, it is a practical set up with tangible modules in behavioural coaching, nutritional information and coping mechanisms. All of this takes place against the backdrop of the sun and sea with excursions and lots of down time.

Complete Transformation Retreats are not solely about weight loss, although that is an added benefit with many clients reporting a loss of approximately one stone through anti inflammatory, nutritious meals and exercise.

‘It’s such a good thing to do for yourself, to kickstart some new habits and set goals without everyday life getting in the way. This isn’t a one and done retreat, the aim is to address the goals you set on return home and take another retreat within a year to assess how far you’ve come’ said Damian.

For more information on Complete Transformation Retreats, follow this link: http://retreat.completepersonaltraining.ie

Emer Roche
Emer Roche
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