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WestJet Developing Flight Light to Connect Families

With business travellers and frequent flyers often away from home, WestJet’s Flight Light will let children watch their parents’ flight in real-time and show them just how close they are to arriving home.

By using live WestJet flight data, the innovative smart nightlight will project the path of a loved one’s flight on to their child’s bedroom ceiling. Synced through the specifically-designed Flight Light App on a mobile device before take-off, parents can enter their flight number into the app to provide the Flight Light with live data including their arrival and departure times. Parents will also be able to stay connected by sending messages and emojis to the Flight Light that will be projected in real-time on to the ceiling. To watch the video, click here.

“Caring for our guests also means caring for the ones they love and with Flight Light we hope to bring more comfort and joy to parents and their children during their travel journeys,” said Richard Bartrem, WestJet’s Vice-President, Marketing Communications. “Being away home can be tough and we wanted to develop a fun tool that could help families stay connected to the ones they love in a truly authentic WestJet way.”

The innovative Flight Light design takes inspiration from the WestJet 787 Dreamliner and uses its colours and shape to create a fun and interactive device. The live flight data, along with an array of starlight, will project from the wing-shaped base of the light and the device also pulsates on flight arrival.

A detachable flashlight takes the shape of the aircraft body and when the flight path is not being projected, the flashlight will also be used to project a silhouette of an aircraft. The base of the light also functions as a regular night light designed to keep children company throughout the night.

As WestJet continues to focus on technological innovation, a prototype of the Flight Light has been created and beta testing is scheduled to begin later this year. More information on Flight Light can be found by visiting: westjet.com/flightlight


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