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Travel Tip Tuesday from Leona Kenny

Today’s #TravelTipTuesday comes from one of ITTN’s newest team members, Leona Kenny. Before the pandemic she travelled to Germany, where she learnt these valuable lessons.

  • Using transport in Germany There are excellent rail and transport lines all over Germany which make it easy to get you to your destination. You need an appropriately zoned ticket depending on where you are travelling. Generally, going farther away from the city centre might see you into a different zone and cost a different price. Also, make sure to validate your ticket before hopping on to avoid getting fined.
  • Be on time! Being punctual for any gatherings or activities is a huge part of German etiquette. There is no such thing as being ‘fashionably late here. Let your trip to Germany be a lesson in the importance of time-keeping and ensure you are on time, if not a few minutes early.
  • Try German beer Germany is known for its beer and you definitely shouldn’t leave without trying at least one. Having a cold one after work or even at lunch is quite common here. If you’re not a lager or cider person, there are lots of drinks with apple or lemon flavours that can suit your taste buds.
  • Shops are closed on Sundays Shopping on Sunday is verboten! Although there are some exceptions, Sunday is mainly a day of rest for shoppers in Germany. If you want to buy anything, you’ll have to go to a train station, an airport, or a petrol station. This can definitely catch visitors out if you are new to the country.
  • Explore outside of the big cities The big cities like Berlin and Munich are great to experience nightlife and festivals, but Germany is also a land of many undiscovered treasures. If you have time on your trip, rent a car or head on the bus to the countryside and let nature take its path. You’d be surprised what sights you might find.
Photo by Stephan Mahlke on Unsplash

Thanks Leona for your top tips!


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