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Travel Tech Firm Bookaway Secures €39m Funding

Travel tech platform Bookaway has secured $46m (€38.9m) funding to launch the Bookaway Groupdesigned to bring together bookings for ground and sea transportation companies under one umbrella.

Bookaway was founded in 2017 on a passion for travel “by travellers, for travellers” by Noam Toister (CEO and founder) and life-long friends and business partners; David Yitzhaki (CMO and co-founder) and Omer Chehmer (COO and co-founder).

Noam Toister, CEO and founder of Bookaway, said: “Currently 95% of the ground transportation industry is offline, meaning travellers waste precious time and money trying to navigate their journey on the ground, having booked their flights, hotel and experiences online. Local transport suppliers are being left behind the rest of the travel industry.

“The Bookaway Group mission is to make bus, train or ferry travel an effortless experience. Finding, comparing and booking tickets is entirely online, and customers receive 24/7 support, helping to ease traveller anxiety.

Getbybus and 12Go

Bookaway has successfully signed Getbybus and 12Go as the first platforms to join the Bookaway Group.

Getbybus launched in 2014, initially as a bus route information website in Croatia, until demand for online booking fuelled the success of the platform.

Morten Smalby, CEO of Getbybus, said: “Changing this market is not an easy process as these businesses have operated offline for so long. We’ve dedicated years to building trust with suppliers, proving the benefits of operating online, and the platform has grown organically as a result.”

Initially a resource to book and compare bus journeys in Thailand, 12Go has grown immensely over the past 11 years. Alexey Abolmasov, Founder of 12Go said: “By presenting all the transport options, along with over 250,000 customer reviews, we give control back to the customer to make the right decision for their need, whether it’s based on budget, comfort or even how much luggage they have. Joining the Bookaway Group enables us to expedite growth as we work together to provide a seamless transportation booking service worldwide.”

Noam Toister said: “We are privileged to join forces with two major brands, Getbybus and 12Go, each bringing with them the skills, knowledge and reach that complement our global growth mission. By working as one, we aim to bring back the liberation of travel.”

Bookaway currently operates in Asia, southern Europe and South America.



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