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Travel Centres’ Brave New World

Travel Centres is distributing a new brochure, ‘The Brave New World of Travel’, to travel agencies around the country in a drive to expand its membership. The 12-page brochure sets out the benefits of being a member of the consortium, including enhanced commercial agreements, weekly webinars, reduced overheads and exclusive deals.

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Managing Director Dominic Burke says: “Whether you are an agent that is currently affiliated to another consortium or a stand-alone one that is still plowing its own furrow, you owe it to yourself and your staff to at least consider the benefits of aligning your business with Travel Centres.

“Joining us does not compromise your existing independence in any way – conversely, it actually reinforces it through the simple mechanism of enabling you to make more profit out of your existing sales, whilst providing you with multiple opportunities to grow that profit margin even further by placing discretionary sales in a more strategic manner.”

The brochure also includes four testimonials from existing members: Caroline O’Connor of Creation Travel, Limerick; Carolyn Davis, Liberty Travel, Letterkenny; Eileen Tuite, Corrib Travel, Galway; and Tom Britton, Marble City Travel, Kilkenny.


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