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Switzerland Ranked Safest Destination in Europe

A new study has revealed that Switzerland is the safest place in Europe.  

The study by Gamblino.com analysed 9 metrics that contribute towards how safe an area may be such as homicides, assaults, road fatalities, natural disaster risk, and global peace index, to find which European country is the safest.  

Each country was given a score out of 10 for each factor, which was then totalled to provide a score on the safety index. The lower the score, the safer the country is.   

Switzerland ranked top of the list – due to its very low homicide rate, level of assaults and road fatalities; meaning travellers are likely to be very safe in the country. Switzerland also has a very low risk of natural disasters and one of the lowest levels of corruption perception in Europe.

Unsurprisingly, the nordic nations dominated the top 10 list – with Iceland in second, Norway third and Denmark fourth. Finland ranked sixth and Sweden 10th.

Ireland ranked seventh, deemed to be safer than the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden. Even with the lowest homicide rates in all of Europe, Luxembourg only ranked fifth.

The Safest 10 Places to Visit in Europe

1 Switzerland

2 Iceland

3 Norway

4 Denmark

5 Luxembourg

6 Finland

7 Ireland

8 the Netherlands

9 Austria

10 Sweden

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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