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Strong Show for Aer Lingus Taste of America Roadshow 2024 in Cork

Taste of America 2024 Roadshow hosted by Aer Lingus and Brand USA held the fourth and final event in Cork of which Shannon Airport was also a key sponsor.

Declan Power – Shannon Airport

Declan Power (Shannon Airport) thanked Ivan and the team at Aer Lingus plus those who travelled for the event. He highlighted the Aer Lingus services, daily and year-round to New York and Boston. Equally, Shannon Airport, especially with US Pre-Clearance, provides passengers a gateway to Aer Lingus’ extensive network across the United States – fly daily to both NYC and Boston and connect onwards to anywhere from Chicago to San Francisco, Miami to Colorado and so forth.

His strong view is Shannon Airport is the best and most efficient US Pre-Clearance service and should appeal to those closest rather than travelling up to the other capital of Ireland.

To be fair, having travelled extensively to the USA over the years, availing of US Pre-Clearance in Ireland significantly expedites and streamlines the journey across the pond.

Declan boasted, concerning pre-clearance at Shannon, “You only go through at once. Your customers can park their car at the airport, not near the airport. And we also have the best security passenger screening service in Ireland at the minute [and] the fastest… you don’t have to take out tablets or laptops or anything else.”

He ended, “If you haven’t been, you should really come and try it…” and added mirthfully that agents should send their customers too not just seek a free car park pass for their family holiday which was met with laughter from the packed venue.

Having enjoyed the benefits of the new security machines at airports, it is a welcome improvement in the passenger experience (especially if you are travelling with lots of technology like me but equally beneficial with a load of your kids in tow).

Aer Lingus & Ivan Beacom

Ivan Beacom thanked agents, exhibitors and sponsors for enabling this roadshow to take place. In addition to the Boston and New York routes from Shannon Airport, Ivan reminded the audience there were 15 transatlantic routes from that other airport up the road (just above Wicklow on the map). In addition, many will be aware that the new route to Denver will commence in May and the return of the Minneapolis / St Paul route is scheduled for April of this year.

The lucky prizewinner for the top prize of return flights to New York was Aoife Haran from Barter’s Travelnet in Cork. In addition, there were lots of goodie bags and hampers for the lucky prizewinners.

18 Tourist Board Representatives from the United States

The event saw members of the travel trade industry network with 18 US tourist board representatives and their partners detailing their destinations’ unique attractions and cultures.

The 18 US tourist board representatives and their partners included:

  • Bloomington & Mall of America
  • Brand USA
  • Destination New England
  • Destination Cleveland
  • Experience Kissimmee
  • Great Lakes USA
  • Illinois
  • Meet Boston
  • Miami
  • New York State/Dutchess Country Tourism
  • Philadelphia and the Countryside of Philadelphia
  • San Francisco
  • Universal Orlando
  • Visit California
  • Visit Central Florida
  • Visit Denver & Colorado
  • Visit Orlando
  • Visit Seattle and Port of Seattle
Shane Cullen
Shane Cullen
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