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Record Rentals in 2013 for Europcar Ireland

Europcar Ireland has reported a record year with 958,067 rental days in 2013. Europcar has also seen an increase of over 11% in its peak fleet numbers to in excess of 5,300 vehicles. EUROPCAR_thumb-250x201

Europcar is now operating in the number three slot in Ireland’s main airports after a successful DAA tender and has also recently opened four new branches in Galway, Athlone, Waterford and Cavan.

Colm Menton, Chief Executive, said: “We are absolutely delighted with the significant growth we have recorded across all aspects of our business and a record number of rentals in 2013 of 958,067 rental days. We can pinpoint the success in 2013 to the significant influx of tourists during the year of the Gathering and also through a change in behaviours by the corporate sector choosing to rent their fleet rather than buy.

“The service that we offer is so flexible, renting on a monthly basis, that it suits many businesses and means that they can free-up funds for other elements of their business. The corporate side has been a key part of our growth, and we have been working with companies from SMEs to semi-States, providing Irish companies with everything from small cars to large vans.

“In addition, the successful tender with the DAA means that Europcar has almost 100 extra spaces in Dublin Airport, which is our busiest location. We expect to record 350 rentals a day out of Dublin Airport alone next summer.”

Along with its 11 branches, Europcar offers another 16 hubs nationwide that help support its replacement car rental business.


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