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Operational Trial at Heathrow

Starting on 1st November 2011, a trial will be undertaken at London Heathrow Airport to explore if the runways and the airspace around the airport can be used in a more efficient and flexible way to reduce delays and cut late-running flights. The trial will take place in two phases, the first from 1st November 2011 to 29th February 2012, the second from 1st July 2012 to 30th September 2012. The trial will not mean an increase in the number of flights operating into or out of Heathrow.

This trial is a recommendation of the Government’s South East Airport Taskforce that was set up in 2010 to look at how to make London’s airports ‘better, not bigger’.

The trial will look at whether new procedures can be used to bring benefits to the local community through less late-running flights; to passengers, by providing a more punctual service; and to the environment, by reducing aircraft stacking times and reducing emissions.


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