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New Autopass Passenger Security System in T1

A new automated passenger screening system called Autopass has been introduced in Terminal 1 at Dublin Airport. The new system enables passengers to scan their own boarding cards to gain entry to the passenger security screening area. The new self-service system is aimed at further reducing security queuing times for passengers before boarding their planes.

“The Autopass system, designed entirely with the passenger in mind, is bright, friendly, open and spacious and has been positively received by passengers,” says the DAA. Terminal 1 Passenger Services Manager, Catherine Barber said: “Security queue times are already under seven minutes for over 97% of passengers, and the new facility will improve passenger flow even more.”

The facility includes a preparation area where passengers can sort out their permitted liquids and gels in comfort before going through security. In addition to 10 Autopass gates, there are two walk-through assistance lanes for passengers with special needs. Dublin Airport staff are on duty at all times to assist passengers who may need help with the new system.


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