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Kingfisher Scheduled Operating Permit Suspended

India’s Director General of Civil Aviation has suspended Kingfisher’s scheduled operator’s permit and the airline has “temporarily suspended” operations and closed forward bookings until Tuesday 6th November 2012.

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The airline said: “The suspension is valid only till such time that Kingfisher submits a concrete and reliable revival plan to the satisfaction of the DGCA. We have in any case always maintained that, once the issues with the employees are resolved, we will first present our resumption plan to DGCA for review, before resuming operations. It is our endeavour to re-start operations at the earliest and we assure you we are working towards achieving this.”

The airline ceased flight operations on 1st October 1 after employee unrest over working for months without payment culminated in action, on 15th October grounded its fleet “for at least a further five days”, and last Friday, 19th October, extended the “partial lockout” until 23rd October.


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