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Instagram Influencer Hits High Note & Raises $80,000 Tip for Airport Piano Player on Dialysis

An instagram influencer and author has raised more than $80,000 for a piano player at Atlanta Airport who he discovered had kidney disease.

Carlos Whittaker was on his way home to Nashville when he overheard Tonee ‘Valentine’ Carter playing “playing his heart out while hardly anyone notices him.”

After he’d finished Whittaker invited him over to have a chat and Carter revealed that after his four-hour shift playing music he’d go home for a nine-hour session of dialysis to deal with his kidney disease.

Whittaker was so taken with the story that he posted a video of it on instagram, encouraging his 220,000 followers to send a tip via the Venmo payment app.


Within 30 minutes he’d raised over $10,000 – and that has since grown to over $80,000.

It’s all about the power of music.



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