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Finnair First Airline to Implement Amadeus Dynamic Website Manager

Finnair has become the first airline to choose Amadeus Dynamic Website Manager to seamlessly tailor its customers’ online experience, while driving conversion rates for the airline.

Amadeus Dynamic Website Manager, the latest offering from the Amadeus e-commerce portfolio, is uniquely underlined by airline business rules rather than coding changes. This means that edits to both content and technical parameters can be made dynamically by business and marketing personnel rather than IT experts, avoiding the cost and time considerations normally associated with programming in the process.

The single package, which is fully hosted by Amadeus, comprises a booking engine, content editor, media repository, campaign management, portal administration, template engine and full incorporation of airline business rules. This allows for seamless integration of these components, which in turn creates a consistent user experience across the website.

Using the customer’s frequent flyer information, travel history, preferences and cached user’s browsing activities, Amadeus Dynamic Website Manager will propose relevant offers or services that fulfil the unique needs of Finnair customers. For example, offering lounge access at off-peak times to frequent flyers that do not usually have access or a massage at a connecting airport if the duration of the connection time is longer than two hours.

Tom Källström, VP Commercial Applications, Finnair said: “Our customers’ experience of Finnair is, of course, a priority for us. Thanks to Amadeus Dynamic Website Manager, we are able to guarantee not only consistency, but also a personalised online experience that recognises the unique needs of every customer. We can also improve our time to market with new deals.”

Denis Lacroix, VP, Product Development, Sales & e-Commerce Platforms, Amadeus added: “Offering the traveller a personalised service is more important than ever before as airline customer expectations grow ever-higher. In an online environment, customers expect relevant offers and travel options, which is key to turning ‘lookers into bookers’. It is therefore essential that airlines ensure they make the right offer to the right customer at the right time, if they are to maintain their competitive advantage.”


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