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€6m Investment for Irish Rail

The Government has announced a €6 million investment programme for Irish Rail. The funding will go to line speed improvements, further rollout of wi-fi on the train service and fuel saving technology to reduce costs. The funding is coming from reallocated capital within the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport and is being spent on works that will be completed by year-end.

“It is vital that our limited funds are spent well and give value to the Exchequer,” said Public Transport Minister Alan Kelly. “If we want to offer people a proper level of public transport this will require investment. This funding will greatly enhance both the customer service Irish Rail offers, as well as equipping them with the ability to reduce costs in the future. It’s a win-win.”

Under the initiative, an additional €1 million will be spent on improving journey times between Portalington and Dublin, €1million on ticket validating machines, €300,000 for the additional roll-out of wi-fi on 63 rail cars, and €600,000 for order point heaters to ensure depots are not unduly affected by a harsh winter.


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