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CAR to Establish Passenger Advisory Group with Guidelines for Passenger Engagement

The Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) has published a decision and summary of the decision on the mechanisms that it will implement to improve passenger engagement in decisions that it makes in relation to Dublin Airport.

The CAR said: “First, we will establish a Passenger Advisory Group (the PAG), which will give passenger representatives direct input to inform these decisions. Second, we are issuing guidelines to assist stakeholders who wish to submit evidence based on passenger engagement to us, to ensure that it is of good quality. Third, we aim to better inform passengers by publishing summaries of relevant documents, or sections of documents, in a more accessible format.

“This decision follows our consultation paper CP16/2017. We received submissions from Aer Lingus, Dublin Airport and Ryanair. All submissions are published alongside this decision in this page.

“The Passenger Advisory Group will comprise a range of organisations that represent the diversity of passengers at Dublin Airport. The airport and airlines will not be members of this group. We will work with the Passenger Advisory Group to improve our understanding of what is important to passengers. From November 2018 to May 2019, we expect to hold five meetings with the group to examine how passenger priorities are addressed by proposals on quality of service and capital investment projects. The group will advise us rather than make decisions.”


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