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Amsterdam to Become More Expensive with Increased Tourist Tax

Amsterdam is set to increase its existing tourist tax levels, essentially making it that little bit more expensive for tourists just to stay in the city.

While a number of other cities and regions around Europe have a minimal tourist levy – basically an extra amount payable at the accommodation level that ultimately goes to upgrade a city’s tourism infrastructure – or in the process of planning one; the Dutch city is well ahead of the game and is set to become the first to increase its prices.

The planned increase to 12.5% for tourists staying overnight in the city will give Amsterdam the most expensive tourism levy in Europe.

Amsterdam’s tourist tax stands at 7%, currently. The rise to 12.5% will boost the extra paid on an average room from just over €15 to around €22.

Those visiting via cruise ships will see their extra cost go from €8 to €11 per day.

The city is expected to welcome 20 million foreign visitors this year; an increase of around 3 million from last year. The tax will be used to improve city amenities instead of taxing locals for the cost.

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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