Travel Tip Tuesday: Karen Whyte, Classic Resorts

Travel Tip Tuesday: Karen Whyte, Classic Resorts
This weeks #TravelTipTuesday comes from Karen Whyte in Classic Resorts. One of her favourite places to visit is the Maldives – “it literally is paradise on earth, where white sands meet crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.”
The Maldives offer some of the finest beaches and waters you will find and has some of the best diving opportunities in the world. Ok, you’ve convinced us, Karen – now what do we need to know?

Karen’s Travel Tips for visiting the Maldives are…

1. Grab a Bargain – Travel during our summer months for the best deals . As it’s low season in the Maldives, weather can be unpredictable, but you are likely to get added value like room upgrades, meal plan upgrades or free transfers!!
2. All Inclusive is the way to go – the initial holiday cost may look more expensive, but will save you in the long run, as prices are not cheap on the islands.
3. Speed boat versus sea plane transfer – Having experienced both, there is no better way to arrive in true Maldivian style than on a sea plane, but travel light due to 20k luggage restrictions (think ‘Island chic’ and leave the high heels at home)
4. How long should you stay? – For Karen, 7 to 9 nights is ideal. Combined with a stopover in your chosen airlines hub city, is the perfect combination.
5. Food for thought – Upgrade to “All Inclusive Plus “ (if this is an option in your resort) as it gives you more restaurant choices, premium drinks , excursions & extras.
With the change in weather today, there’s no place we’d rather be than sunning ourselves in the Maldives! Thank you Karen for your amazing tips, we can’t wait to use these when we can travel again! ✈☺
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