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Seven Reasons Why TCs Love Working from Home

As a Travel Counsellor, you are in control of how you work, and when. The move to working from home has been made by over 1,800 Travel Counsellors worldwide, who now benefit from a rewarding career, with complete flexibility. We asked Irish Travel Counsellors what they love being able to do now that they were not able to do in previous jobs. 

  1. Having complete flexibility

We will start with the obvious – being able to work flexibly is something many people only dream of! For many Travel Counsellors, the flexibility to do the things they love alongside running a successful business is the most important thing.

I love the flexibility of the job. I admit I work long hours, but if I need to do something during the day, I can do it. In the summer, I will head to Kerry for six to eight weeks and reduce the hours in my working day and benefit from the long hours I put in during the months of January to April instead.” – Mary Foyle, Cork

  1. Spending more time with their children

Working around the children’s schedules is tough and keeping them busy over the school holidays is even tougher. However, being able to enjoy family time every day is something that Travel Counsellors love being able to do. Whether it is taking them to the playground, being there when they are sick, bringing them on play-dates, or jetting off for a family holiday, spending time with your children means the world to every parent.

“I decided to become a Travel Counsellor as I was looking for a career change and I really wanted to run a business that I could do from home. With two very small children at the time, I did not want to miss them growing up and having to put them in the car at 7am in the morning to bring to a child minder… I am here for them whenever they need me and that is very important to me.” – Karen Morgan Murphy, Co Meath

  1. They can work at their own pace

The 9-5 routine doesn’t suit everyone – so whether you are an early riser, or you are more productive later in the day, you can set a routine that works for you.

“Very early starts are the norm for me to clear my head and backlog – and, with no office hours holding me back, I can start work as early as I want. A client who left my office last night at 8.30pm, remarked: “Don’t travel agencies realise that I have to work myself to pay for this trip?” – meaning the fact that we can chat over his plans in the evening at his convenience is what makes my service so special. If I need a three-hour spin on my bike in the mountains to clear my head – off I go! Friends who are doing 9-5 hours are envious and I don’t blame them!” – Roger Barrett, Dublin 

  1. Having their canine companions with them at work

Wouldn’t it be great to take your dog or cat to work with you every day? Being able to take their pooches for a walk at lunch time and enjoying some cuddles on their break is a real treat. Dogs really are a Travel Counsellor’s best friend!

“I love having my dog Lady sitting beside me in the office during the day. She is great company and she follows me around the house all day long. We go for our morning and lunch-time walk each day, which is great for both of us. I always wanted a pet, but I couldn’t when I worked in an office as I did not feel comfortable leaving them at home all day on their own, so the first thing I decided when I started my business from home was to get a dog. Lady knows more secrets than anyone else in my life!” – Sharon Tiernan Murphy, Co Meath (above, with Lady).

  1. They have more time for their customers

Another great benefit of working from home is having more time to spend talking to your customers and really getting to know them without the added pressure of having to serve them as quickly as possible, or the stress of juggling administration and paperwork at the same time.

“The back-up that is behind us from the Head Office support team means I don’t ever have to worry and the technology that I have is like no other I have encountered – it is so quick and easy to use, and it allows me to spend more time getting to know what my customers really want and being able to offer them incredible holidays.” – Melanie Cahill, Co Clare

  1. They have more time for their hobbies

Whether you have children or not, it is always important to have time for yourself, doing the things you enjoy! That might mean having more time to take part in your favourite hobbies, or simply meeting up with friends during the day. Travel Counsellors have the pleasure of being able to mix business and fun into their daily lives.

“My other passion is CrossFit and being a Travel Counsellor means I can get to classes at least three times a week – and more if it’s a quieter week. I have met so many lifelong friends and I also get to promote my business as everyone is always asking: ‘Where are you off to next?’. I have had some fabulous bookings through my own CrossFit club, plus many more through the wider community, including honeymoons and some group travel. I often sponsor t-shirts for the competitions. It’s a great feeling to attend a class and see someone still sporting a T-shirt with TC logos on them months later. With us it really is personal!” – Mandy Walsh, Co Meath

  1. Getting chores done during the day

So, this one may not be at the top of everyone’s list of great perks of working from home, but getting the little jobs done around the house while you have a spare five minutes means it is just one less thing to do when you finish work for the night. When you are ready to finish work, you can enjoy the evening without having to catch up on all the household chores that everyone else must do.

Of course, balancing work and life when you work from home can be tricky. But it’s not something to be afraid of, in fact the opposite is true: 96% of Travel Counsellors say they love their job and leaving the office behind is one of the reasons why. If you are ready to enjoy your work-life balance, get in touch to chat to our team in confidence.


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