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Join the Barbados Elite Club – and Earn Valuable Rewards

The Barbados Elite Club was launched in Ireland this year and is for travel professionals like you. If you are passionate about Barbados and want to send your clients to this most luxurious and exciting destination, while earning valuable rewards yourself, then sign up to the Barbados Elite club now at www.barbadoseliteclub.com.

The Barbados Elite Club, which offers agents an opportunity to become a Barbados specialist and earn great rewards, aims to:

* Educate the agent community about Barbados
* Develop long-term business for each agent’s client base
* Provide added-value for the client when in Barbados
* Offer a loyalty structure with benefits and rewards for the agent

Once an agent has completed the introductory badges through the eLearning platform, they become a validated Barbados Elite Club member and are able to log bookings and redeem rewards based on bookings they make. They will also receive a Barbados Elite Club welcome pack as a reward for completing the modules.

Top-performing agents are also eligible for additional benefits – including fam trips!

Sign up now at www.barbadoseliteclub.com

For more information about Barbados, visit the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) website at www.visitbarbados.org.


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