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Couple Fined for Covid Breach in Barbados

A holiday couple in Barbados has been hit with heavy fines after allegedly sneaking a woman into their hotel room for sex.

Andrew Luker and Julia Knightley, both from Greater Manchester, were fined BB$6,000 (€4876) each for breaching Barbados’ strict Covid regulations. A security guard at the Treasure Beach Hotel in St James spotted 24-year-old Mikaela Jacas climbing over the perimeter wall of the hotel and making her way to the couple’s room, where apparently they engaged in a threesome. The police discovered the three having a post-coital drink on the veranda of their luxury suite and issued them with a penalty notice.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Ms Jacas admitted taking part in a threesome with Luker and Knightley for money: “Yes we had a sex party and they paid me for my time with them. But I don’t want to bash them. They are nice people,” she said. “It’s no one’s business what me do with me time and who I do it with.”

A local judge disagreed and issued the fines for breaching Covid protocols. They were freed on €7500 bail and warned that they faced a nine-month jail sentence if they didn’t pay within seven days.

Barbados takes its Covid regulations very seriously: on December 29, former Love Island participant Zara Holland was arrested at the airport trying to leave with her boyfriend, despite him having tested positive for coronavirus two days’ earlier and being told they had to isolate in their hotel. She pleaded no contest and was fined BB$12,000 (€4885).


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