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Wild Atlantic Way and Causeway Coastal Route Ranked Among Most EV-Friendly Road Trips in the World

The Wild Atlantic Way and the Causeway Coastal Route have been ranked amongst the most electric-vehicle (EV)-friendly road trips around the world.

Both Irish routes rub shoulders with the likes of Italy’s Amalfi Coast; France’s Cote d’Azur; The Great Ocean Road in Australia; and iconic US routes like Big Sur, Route 66 and The Pacific Coast Highway.

Electric vehicles have grown rapidly in popularity in recent years, with worldwide unit sales of plug-in EVs growing by 365% since 2017.

In line with this, the availability of EV charging networks is steadily improving, meaning that long road trips for those who drive fuel-free are more accessible than ever before.

The research was conducted by the Australian arm of insurer Comparethemarket.

Commenting on the research, Adrian Taylor, General Manager of General Insurance at Comparethemarket AU, said: “With electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular, many EV owners will be looking at exploring the world in an environmentally friendly way. For those who’ll be looking at switching to an electric vehicle, a key feature is the ability to take a road trip in the comfort of their car with certainty.’’

“With their capacity to eliminate fuel emissions and reduce air pollution, switching to an electric vehicle has numerous benefits for the planet, but travelling long distances with an electric vehicle can be deemed challenging. If you’re thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle, it’s also important to consider the costs of charging it when weighing up your options, as this can vary depending on the energy tariff in your location.”

The 14 most EV-friendly road trips worldwide are as follows:

RankCountryRoad TripNo. of Instagram postsKmMilesNo. of EV Chargers AvailableNo. of Charges Needed*
1ItalyAmalfi Coast3,555,37554.0633.6230.10
2USABig Sur1,506,558120.5174.960.23
3Northern IrelandCauseway Coastal Route68,323202.73126.0750.38
5NorwayThe Atlantic Road27,012254.22158.0420.48
6AustraliaThe Great Ocean Road1,433,382273.53170.080.51
7FranceCote d’Azur5,487,608302.49188.01740.57
9GermanyRomantic Road35,866410.30255.03000.77
10USABlue Ridge Parkway657,982638.77397.0901.2
11USAPacific Coast Highway419,182794.85494.05561.49
12IrelandWild Atlantic Way1,711,8311,148.83714.01622.16
13AustraliaThrough the Red Center27,1473,029.751,883.0555.69
14USARoute 662,078,8683,715.182,309.05336.98

*Based on the average range of the Tesla Model Y, the bestselling2 EV model of 2022, (331 miles)

Coming in first as the most EV-friendly route is the Amalfi Coast in South Italy, which has amassed more than 3.5 million Instagram posts, and boasts over 33 miles of crystal waters and iconic Italian history, such as Mount Vesuvius. The picturesque route has 23 EV chargers, and travellers will need only a tenth of one charge to complete the trip. It’s one of the shorter road trips in the ranking, but there are plenty of places to charge up along the way, making it a popular choice for EV drivers.

The second route in the ranking is one of the most iconic road trips in the US: Big Sur. This 74.9-mile route on the Californian Coast features plenty of twists and turns, perfect for those looking for a challenging driving route. Big Sur has 6 EV chargers along the way, and only requires an average of 0.23 charges for an EV to get the trip done. The popularity of its beautiful panoramic views can explain why #bigsur has over 1.5M hashtags on Instagram!

Two Australian routes also make up the top 13, with The Great Ocean Road coming in sixth. Known for its dramatic cliffs, windswept beaches, lush rainforests, and the almighty views over the Pacific Ocean, this route requires half of a full charge to complete. The second Australian route, Through the Red Center, is 1,883 miles long and has 55 EV chargers along the way, and you’ll need just over five and a half full charges to complete it.

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