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New Boutique Resort in Vietnam to Offer Technology-led Wellness

The new Wafaifo Resort Hoi An in Vietnam, which opens on 1 September, has announced an ambitious three-stage health and spa rollout to enhance wellness, spa and medical options for tourists visiting Vietnam.
The latest health technology and international partnerships will give visitors to Hoi An and the greater Danang area access to a range of wellness and spa services not found elsewhere in the whole central region of the country.

Epigenetic testing

From 1 September, guests at the new 134-room and suite lifestyle resort can use the Wellness at Wafaifo facility to receive a detailed health diagnostic report using epigenetic testing. In the process, hair follicles are analysed by an S-drive computer which connects to a laboratory in Germany. Within minutes, guests receive a detailed 30-plus page report which assesses 800 personal markers.
The resulting information and scores are presented in graph form and linked to reports on the guest’s gut, circulatory and immune systems. Items are classified as “priority”, “advisory”, or “consider”. A medical consultant at the centre will go through the results with the guest.
“The reports are a quick and effective way to obtain an overview of underlying issues,” said Ms Thanh Nguyen, Director of Spa and Wellness at Wafaifo.

Hyperbaric chambers

The new wellness centre will help guests and patients slow the ageing process, improve concentration, increase energy and stamina and assist recovery from jet lag and stress by offering sessions in AirPod hyperbaric chambers. Exposure in the chambers to heightened levels of oxygen and hydrogen nurtures every healing process in the body.
Infrared saunas will help lower blood pressure and help detoxification and weight loss. Hygienic, electronically controlled ice baths will also reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, flush toxins and reduce inflammation and swelling.

Sleep technology

Guests can also benefit from a Nu Calm sleep and restoration experience in their room by using a headset, eye mask and specially-designed ‘anti-gravity’ chair to induce a meditative state of wellbeing and deep relaxation.

International partnerships

Wafaifo Resort has announced a partnership with Kerstin Florian for body treatments and facials and with Margaret Dabbs of London for luxury manicures and pedicures.
“Our wellness offering at Wafaifo Resort derives from the latest smart technology that augments the eternal importance of sleep, nutrition, exercise, health and mental wellbeing,” said Pieter van der Hoeven, Managing Director of Wafaifo.
For further information about the new Wafaifo Resort Hoi An in Vietnam and its comprehensive wellness offering, visit Wafaifo.com.

Allie Sheehan
Allie Sheehan
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